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War Thunder

Get into highly realistic wargame action with tanks, rockets, and warships.

Play an online high-quality model wargame, which includes all sorts of warplanes, military vehicles, and naval units from the times of World War II and the Cold War. Participate in historical campaigns and missions: a realistic combat action on the ground, in the sky, and on the water surface. Collaborate with millions of players from all over the world in a dynamic environment. Attack enemies or defend your team's objects using a great variety of deadly gears, such as anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers, or even huge warships.


  • Realistic high-quality graphics, authentic sound effects
  • Includes a tutorial to get started
  • Full-scale combat missions with Intense PvP
  • Regular content updates: new battle vehicles, maps, missions, and fractions


  • As it's an online game, players may experience lags if the quality of the Internet connection is low
  • The installation may take a longer time, as it includes downloading of additional files
  • Developed by Gaijin Entertainment
  • Latest version:
  • License: Free
  • Updated: October 31, 2021
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