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WhatsUp Gold

Troubleshoot a network faster with a smart scanner and interactive topology map.

Define what segments/devices are either up or down, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Achieve a full visibility of the network device status or issues, including separate systems, hardware, or standalone applications. Make use of topology-aware smart scanning system that 'understands' your specific network dependencies, so you get fewer false-alerts, but only reasoned notifications.


  • One of the best network + endpoint device monitoring features out there
  • Problem discovery process made simple and effective
  • Reliable and highly capable to handle multiple issues


  • A device cannot be added by IP but must be discovered by the program itself
  • Seems to be scaling not very well
  • Complex to set up and configure
  • Developed by Ipswitch
  • File name: whatsup_gold_v16.2.2.exe (408.7 MB)
  • Latest version: 16.1
  • License: Shareware
  • Updated: October 24, 2018
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